PT. Gametri Tirta Lestari has been established since 1995, and have served several small and big companies in solving Waste handling problem l, as well as foods factory like Unilever and also Oil Mining Companies such as PT.CPI and PERTAMINA.

Concerning to the poor condition of environmental aspect in Indonesia , PT. GTL has improved the technology and capability of Human Resources to mitigate Pollution Problem.

Environment Deterioration cause by industrial activities, household/family activities, so that the Government would be assessed the qualification to the company which deals to environment problem in Indonesia. As long as to flfill Goverments Regulations, PT. Gametri has certified with ISO 9001-2000 so that we could be complied to the costumer’s need.

Certification also has inspired a commitment fot Us in improving skills and technology to solve water, Soil and Air Pollution.

In Consistency to keep cleaning environment and prevent loss in every aspect of life, PT. Gametri has been growth to be a company which deals to solve waste water problem,Drinking Water Treatment,Loss Control Management System, Oil Treatment and Air Pollution Control Specialist under Certified ISO 9001-2000.

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