General Description:
This product is a weak alkali subtance which functioned to neutralized pH (acid degree), form of powder and for using it we must mix it with additive substance to improve the optimalization from field application.


Appearance (700 F) : White turbid
Concentration : 20 %
Specific Gravity (600 F) : 1.2
pH : 8 - 10
Solubility : Easy Soluble

Method & Standard Use:
This product can be applied for waste water treatment or clean water through Jar Test (Laboratory Scale), which the result will ve converted into the field scale and appropriate with the burden of pollution and the total water which will be processed.

This product delivered to customer in 25 kilograms cement sack.

This product must be kept in a dry place.

Work Safety:
1. Eye and skin contact can cause an irritation.
2. Skin direct contact can cause feel a little hot.

Use Direction:
This product can be applied in the field with dosage variation depends on the characteristic of waste and standard water which will be treated, 50-2,000 mg/l. Mixing process must be continued if not it becomes sediment.

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